Why live in the South Mountain Village of Phoenix?

Why live in the South Mountain Village of Phoenix?

South Mountain Park SummitI get asked this question quite often, why live in the South Mountain Village of Phoenix? Well, there is an obvious reason staring me in the face every day as I walk out the door….South Mountain Park.

It’s about a mile from my front doorstep and is one of the largest municipal parks in the country covering about 16,000 acres of land. It has miles of hiking, trails, roads, and some fantastic look out points where you can see the valley stretch out for miles in all directions.

The South Mountain Village offers a diverse mix of people, cultures, religions, and so much more. It’s a unique area of town, with its own small town feel to it. I run into people whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years at the local grocery store. It happens frequently and is always a pleasant surprise.

The people who live here are friendly, giving, caring and welcoming! Many businesses and organizations call the South Mountain Village home…The Nina Mason Pullium Campus for Compassion for the Arizona Humane Society, Ace Asphalt, SABIS International School, the Heard Scout Pueblo Camp for the Boy Scouts, The Farm at South Mountain, The University of Phoenix, and the list goes on and on. And the area will continue to attract other businesses because of its central location.

A downside is the traffic on Baseline Road. But, to be fair, traffic on Baseline is challenging no matter which part of the valley you happen to be in. The selection of local restaurants is also lacking, thank goodness downtown Phoenix is just a short drive up the road.

Tired of a long commute to central Phoenix? Wish you lived closer? Consider the South Mountain Village, call me today at 602-391-8986 to learn about the different communities we have to offer.

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