Why I Love Living in Phoenix

Why I Love Living in Phoenix

Central Avenue South MountainThe South Mountain area is where I grew up and where I currently live. These are some of my reasons why I love living in Phoenix, south Phoenix to be exact.

For me, this one of the most convenient areas of town. Whether I need to head to the west valley or east valley, I’m already in the middle. I lived in Chandler for a brief time and when I would go to Buckeye or Surprise, it was a bit of a road trip.

The Farm at South Mountain is another great reason. It’s a collection of restaurants with some of the most fresh and delicious food available to us. It’s located on 32nd street, south of Southern.

While you’re there, it’s difficult to believe that you’re anywhere near city. Check it out, you won’t be sorry. There is limited parking available on the property, but plenty of parking in a lot on the east side of 32nd street.

Another perk about living in the south side is being able to drive to the top of South Mountain. You can see the city stretch out endlessly for miles in all directions. The drive is kind of nerve-wracking if you’re not accustomed to narrow, winding mountain roads. But it is a fairly short drive. It’s a great spot for watching our world-famous desert sunsets.

I really enjoy the city views that are visible as I drive along Dobbins Road. Driving south, the slight increase in elevation is not very noticeable at all. It’s only when I’m on Dobbins that I’m reminded of what a great vantage point some of the homes along Dobbins have, they’re so lucky!

But I think I’m pretty lucky, too! Have questions about the South Mountain area? Would you like to hear more about why I love living in Phoenix? Call me, 602-391-8986.

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