Top Three Things That Will Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your Phoenix homeWhat are the top three things that will sell your home fast? Over the past ten years, I have noticed that what sells a home quickly and for top dollar is fairly consistent from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Some might think that the entire home has to be updated, painted, new fixtures added, new flooring. All of which are really nice to have from the buyer’s perspective, but if the seller does not have the funds or the energy to do all that, then they only need to focus on the main things.

First, make sure the home is clean and uncluttered both inside and out. Landscaping should be immaculate to give great curb appeal; buyers subconsciously judge a home within less than a minute after pulling up to the curb.

First impressions count! Inside the home, clean, clean and clean! Put away any items that you’re not using. Pack up extra dishes. Keep items to a bare minimum on counter tops.

Second, listen to your agent in regards to pricing! The agent is not simply pulling a number out of thin air. Your agent has spent time analyzing sales data for your specific neighborhood. Comparing sales of homes similar to yours, looking at the trends to see how long homes stay on the market in your neighborhood, looking to see what causes one home to stay longer on the market.

Homes that are overpriced take longer to sell. If you’re ok with overpricing your home just know that you will be waiting and waiting and waiting for a buyer. Pricing is the single most important factor in determining how many showings you receive. The more eyes you have on the home, the higher the odds of finding the right buyer.

Third, location has a big bearing on how quickly your home sells. The location of your home within your subdivision, the location of the subdivision, the location of amenities in relation to your home. These are some huge determining factors for buyers. And they may be things to consider when you buy a home because then when you go to sell your home, you have more positive things going for your property.

Two of the three items on this list are things that can be controlled and that you as a seller can leverage, condition and price.  Listen to your agent and follow their advice.

Are you thinking of selling? Now is a great time, there are many buyers out there and not enough houses for sale. Call us today at 602-391-8986 for more details on how to get your home sold quickly.

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