Homes for sale in South Phoenix, AZ

Homes for sale in South Phoenix, AZ. Are you thinking about moving to the South Phoenix area? This area, also known as the South Mountain or Baseline Corridor area, has the home for you. Our geographic boundaries are from the Salt River bed south to South Mountain Park. And from 48th street on the east to 27th avenue on the west. Our community is unique, diverse, and close knit. I love living here! The area is just a short distance from downtown Phoenix.  Getting to other parts of town is easy as there are major freeways not too far away. You would be pretty much in the middle of the Phoenix metro area, which … [Read more...]

Why do I need a buyer’s agent to help me?

Let me tell you why it would be in your best interest to have a buyer's agent represent you in the process of buying your next home. You may be thinking, why do I need a buyer's agent to help me? I can successfully navigate the home buying process myself, I've done it once before. Think of it this way, if you were on trial for your life, would you want to attempt to navigate the intricacies of our judicial and legal system on  your own? Unless you're an attorney, you probably would want someone to help you with such a complex situation. Same goes for home buying. There are several areas where the savings may not … [Read more...]

Luxury Homes For Sale in the Baseline Corridor

Luxury homes for sale in the Baseline Corridor. The South Mountain Village is home to one of the valley's best kept secrets. It offers an abundance of residential communities to choose from and is still in very, very close proximity to downtown Phoenix. If you work downtown and would like a 10 to 20 minute commute, then you should be looking to buy a home in the Baseline Corridor. If you are looking for a home near a resort style golf course, the Legacy community is the place to start your search. Living here, you would be five to six miles from Sky Harbor Airport, about two miles north of the Mormon Trail at South … [Read more...]

Homes for sale at the Fairways at the Legacy in Phoenix, AZ

Homes for sale at the Fairways at the Legacy in Phoenix, AZ. Are you thinking about moving to Phoenix? Our temperatures are currently in the low 70's and sunny. This is what our version of fall and winter are like in the Sonoran desert. If you are thinking of moving to  Phoenix, there is a great community about five or six miles from Sky Harbor Airport. It's close to downtown Phoenix, South Mountain Park and has easy access to all corners of the Valley of the Sun. The community surrounds the Legacy Golf Resort. There are three subdivisions within this gated community, the Fairways, Encanto and the Cachet … [Read more...]

Homes for sale with a pool in South Mountain, AZ

Homes for sale with a pool in South Mountain, AZ. Now that the Phoenix area temperatures are hovering around the 110+ mark, having access to a swimming pool would be an ideal way to cool off. There are homes with a pool in South Mountain, AZ available for sale. Several communities in South Mountain offer community pools. These include Pines at South Mountain, the Copper Leaf community near 24th street and Southern, the new community of Villages at Verona, and the community of Highline Estates. Of course, many homes also come with a backyard pool already installed. There was a day last week when I was out showing … [Read more...]

Gated Communities in the Baseline Corridor

Gated Communities in the Baseline Corridor The Baseline Corridor has a very diverse selection of homes. There are older brick homes, newer homes in gated communities, golf course community homes, townhomes, and luxury homes at the base of South Mountain. In this post, we'll be focusing on the many gated communities in the Baseline Corridor. Prices range on the size and style of home that you're looking for. Some of the communities provide access to a community pool. There are a few gated subdivisions, like Pines at South Mountain, where all the homes are single level. Which makes for a little more privacy and … [Read more...]