I Am Not a Tour Guide, I Am a Real Estate Agent

I am not a tour guide, I am a real estate agent. I often get inquiries or phone calls from potential buyers and they are requesting to go view a home right away.

Most of these people do not realize that the majority of real estate agents run their business like any other profession. Which means we set appointments and meet you face to face in our office or other public place.

I’ll share my process with you. First of all, I’m glad that you chose to contact me for your real estate needs and I would love the opportunity to be your real estate agent.

I don’t work with just anybody, though. I work with clients that understand that in order for me to do a great job for them, then they will have to adhere to a few simple guidelines. I set my expectations up front and ask questions so that I know what your expectations are of me, too.

Expectation number one is for you to NOT be working with another agent. If you already have an agent, why are you calling me? Your agent would be more than happy to schedule a showing appointment for you.

Expectation number two is that if you are not going to be paying cash, then please contact a lender of your choice for a pre-qualification. If  you’d like a referral to a wonderful lender, I can provide you with one, as well. This makes things easier when you find your dream home and want to submit an offer right away.

One of my biggest goals is to ensure that I am doing everything possible to help you find the home of your dreams. If you are not willing to meet with me before previewing homes so that I can best serve you, then I am probably not the right agent for you. And it’s a safety issue, as well.

It may seem harsh, but it is how I have built my business since 2006 and it has worked out beautifully.

Are you ready to start your house hunting journey? Then give me a call, 602-391-8986.




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