Homes for sale in South Phoenix, AZ

Central Avenue South MountainHomes for sale in South Phoenix, AZ. Are you thinking about moving to the South Phoenix area? This area, also known as the South Mountain or Baseline Corridor area, has the home for you.

Our geographic boundaries are from the Salt River bed south to South Mountain Park. And from 48th street on the east to 27th avenue on the west. Our community is unique, diverse, and close knit. I love living here!

The area is just a short distance from downtown Phoenix.  Getting to other parts of town is easy as there are major freeways not too far away. You would be pretty much in the middle of the Phoenix metro area, which also makes it easier to get to other parts of town.

In my opinion, a downfall to living here is the selection of independent type restaurants…we have way too many fast food places. That’s not to say that there aren’t good places to eat here, too. Sun Asian Kitchen is one of my favorites, El Entronke on Central Avenue is a good one, too.

South Mountain Park has miles of hiking trails and a mountaintop lookout over the entire valley. You can see for miles and miles in every direction. It’s a spectacular view. There are also several small community parks throughout the various neighborhoods. If you’re looking for an indoor exercise place, there are a few local gyms to choose from.

And whether you’re looking for a horse property, a luxury home at the base of the mountain, a gated golf course community, a townhome, a starter type home, or something without an HOA…believe me, we’ve got it availabe here in South Phoenix.

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