For Sellers

For Sellers-How we can help you sell your home

slider3Currently the average days on market for the entire MLS in our area is 74 days. That means that it takes 74 days from the time that you put your home on the market to get an accepted offer to you, the seller. Our personal average is 42 days. We work tirelessly to be the megaphone in the marketplace for your home and our numbers speak for themselves.

Just as a refresher if  you’ve sold a home before, or as an FYI if you have not. The MLS, Multiple Listing Service, is sort of like our intranet. When a seller hires us, we enter the property information and professional photos into the MLS so that the information is available to all the other active, licensed agents that are members of our MLS. The property information is then blasted out to all the various real estate web sites on the internet.

Aside from simply using the local MLS, we listen to your needs and use our expertise to make sure we accomplish what you hired us to do…Sell Your Home!

Are you in the process of interviewing agents to help you sell your home? Give us a call at 602-391-8986 or you can e-mail us here directly.