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Desert RoseAre you looking for some of the best deals on homes in the South Mountain area? AZ Dream Real Estate Team has put together a list of the best deals in 85042 right now. There are homes in several price categories, homes with pools, homes without pools.

And where else in the valley will you find a luxury home under $600,000, on a 14,000 square foot lot, with just over 3500 square feet of livable space, a private pool, in a gated community and be at the base of a mountain? And still be within five or six miles of the airport? 85042 in Phoenix, that’s where you’ll find it.

Aside from resale homes, there are currently about five or six new home developments in this particular zip code with homes ranging in price from the low $300,000’s to just over $500,000.

With its close proximity to Sky Harbor Airport and downtown Phoenix, easy access to multiple valley freeways, miles of hiking trails in one of the biggest municipal parks in the US, local restaurants like The Farm, El Entronke, Sun Asian Kitchen and Poncho’s, the South Mountain area is a great place to live.

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