About Frank Ceballos

I am originally from Queens, New York and have lived in Arizona since 1991. I love the fact that I don’t have to pick up leaves or shovel snow here in the desert. When I first moved to Arizona with my mom, we settled in the East Valley; to be more accurate, we lived in Chandler.

I have seen that part of town grow immensely these past few years. And it is still growing. I am also very familiar with the Johnson Ranch area of the San Tan Valley, I bought my first home there when I was 21.

My background is in management, I worked in the grocery business for over 15 years. I have learned throughout my career in the grocery business that the one thing I loved the most was helping people achieve their dreams. So my wife and I are working together to help you do that. We help you find your dream home. I know first-hand the joys and obstacles in buying a home. I am here to make the process as obstacle free as possible!